This is a revolutionary ceramic polish made using Sol-Gel Technology. For use on all forms of transport to help reduce cleaning with detergent and protect from graffiti attack. Totally safe in use it also stops corrosion with its Nano particles bonding to the surface.

Trains & Commercial Use

Because LiquaPol has Sol-Gel Technology it can be applied to most surfaces, including: glass, plastics, and carbon fibre. LiquaPol is a complete universal Nano coating.

What is Sol-Gel

  • Sol (solution): A colloidal suspension of monomers (tiny particles that can be linked with identical molecules to create a network or polymer) on a liquid medium (usually water or alcohol).
  • Gel: A semi-solid colloidal suspension of a solid, evenly mixed in a liquid which exhibits no flow when in the steady state. Its properties cover a wide range from soft and weak to hard and tough.

In a nutshell, the Sol undergoes a hydrolysis and condensation polymerization in the activation phase to form the gel. Subsequently, the gel is applied as a coating to the substrate and is dried to create a hard, glossy film.